Welcome to Buffalo Hills Natural Beef

We offer premium, all natural beef to discerning customers throughout Alberta, delivered directly to your door.

About Us

Buffalo Hills Beef is a family operated, third generation family farm, located on the scenic hills and skyline overlooking the eastern shores of beautiful Buffalo Lake near Stettler AB. We raise the majority of our beef animals from birth to finish. On occasion, we purchase feeder animals from local ranchers who share our thoughts, beliefs, and vision regarding our product. These animals are accompanied by herd health records when purchased. We sell privately by the whole or half beef, to customers who truly care about the food that both they and their families consume. We welcome visits to our ranch at any time, and even offer the option for customers to select their own beef animal! We would love to discuss the various characteristics of each animal with our clients to assist in their selection decision.

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Why Natural Beef?

Here at Buffalo Hills Natural Beef, we believe that cattle raised in a stress free natural environment deliver the highest quality meat to your table. Our cattle are raised in a pasture environment, free of the stresses of confined feeding and and the daily competition for feed, shelter, and bedding space. With our cattle roaming freely at the ranch, they are not exposed to a large range of problematic pathogens that can spread through a herd like wildfire if they are confined. Because our herd is healthy, happy, and has space to roam, we do not have to utilize blanket exposure to antibiotics, and therefore, in our herd, antibiotic resistance has been eliminated.

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