Here at Buffalo Hills Natural Beef, we believe that cattle raised in a stress free natural environment deliver the highest quality meat to your table. Our cattle are raised in a pasture environment, free of the stresses of confined feeding and and the daily competition for feed, shelter, and bedding space. With our cattle roaming freely at the ranch, they are not exposed to a large range of problematic pathogens that can spread through a herd like wildfire if they are confined. Because our herd is healthy, happy, and has space to roam, we do not have to utilize blanket exposure to antibiotics, and therefore, in our herd, antibiotic resistance has been eliminated.

Not Exposed to Stimulants

Our animals are never exposed to growth stimulants. This allows our beef to mature at nature’s pace, growing and finishing as nature intended. By allowing our animals to mature naturally, the beef we produce consists of a more tender, healthier muscle mass. Animals that marble at nature’s pace deliver on the dinner plate.

Antibiotic Free

Our natural beef products are antibiotic free. Animals butchered in our natural beef program have never been exposed to antibiotics, of any form. Many of our customers ask what happens to an animal that does become ill, and requires the use of medicine to become well. In the rare occurance that one of our animals developes an illness that requires the use of antibiotics, we treat that animal as per a licensed veterinarian’s recommendations, and market that animal conventionally at an auction market once healthy.

All Natural Feed

Here at Buffalo Hills Beef, we take natural beef to the next level. Not only is our beef antibiotic and hormone free, we also utilize all all natural feed. Our cattle’s primary source of nutrition is grass and hay roughage. This feed comes only from land that has not been sprayed in a minimum 3 years, which meets organic requirements. As well, we utilize feed grains which are not chemically sprayed once the seed pod is in formation. Our feed matures naturally, just like our beef. Our feed grains are not desicated with Round-Up or any other chemical. Desication is the process of spraying the fields of grains at or near maturation, in order to ripen the crop earlier.

We recommend a combination of grain and grass (hay) roughage in the feed ration for our cattle. We also utilize natural, high protien supplements to ensure the health of our herd. This combination of feeds creates a more flavorful, tender product that can be controlled for fat content by adjusting the feed ration of grain. Most of our customers prefer a light finish with grains, but, grass finished beef is available as well.

Our beef is slaughtered and butchered locally, utilizing a government inspected and licensed facilities. Our animals are delivered to the facility individually, and immediately prior to slaughter, to minimize any undue stress on our animals.

We love, and are proud of the wonderful job that Alberta Farmers and Ranchers do in raising a wholesome natural product to weaning. We are not proud of what happens once these animals enter the feedlot industry, where supermarket beef is finished. We do not comprimise our cattle in any way in order to provide a premium product, which is what we feel Albertan’s want and deserve, simply, the best.